Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's been a fun ride, my sweets, but it's time to say g'bye.
Please join me for the last of the dinners in my fabulous warehome.
I'll be serving a few of my favorites, plus some new things.
As always, dietary & allergy concerns can be addressed. Just let me know ahead of time.

We will also be holding a not-so-silent auction and *everyone* will go home with a prize! Wooo!
I'll be raising some funds to help finish my kitchen! I've got a great space and want to start bringing good food to the hood as soon as possible! I thought about doing an indie-go-go thing, but I'd rather cook for y'all. 

And since this is the last hurrah, let's turn this into a full-on party. Come dressed to dine (on the floor, as usual), and then we'll open the doors to more people and make this a proper party! The bar will  be set up, and I have crates of old booze to use (and auction off!) so while the dinner is BYOB, there will be a weird assortment of things to drink as well.

We'll get some live music, and later some djs, and shake our collective booties one last time.

Here are the details:

Secret Kitchen: The Last Supper edition
Saturday June 28th, 7pm

Oysters on the Half Shell, served raw w. scotch bonnet-vodka mignonnette

Fried Corgettes w. lardon & goat cheese & fresh peas

Shredded Duck on Cormeal Cakes w. molasses glaze

Jamaican Spinach Soup

Honey Braised Short Ribs w. mint & pink peppercorn crust, French fingerling potatoes, greens in garlic
~~or ~~
Coconut Crusted Halibut (tofu for vegetarians), cauliflower “rice”, citrus-cashew cream sauce, braised endive

Golden Beet & Anise Salad in Satsuma Vinaigrette

Seared Peaches, Maker’s Mark Ice Cream, Spicy Caramel Sauce

Eva’s Raw Double D Cups

Cristalle’s Cold Brew Coffee Sno-Cone

Sliding Scale: $60-1000 per person 
(Paypal with payment and which entree (meat, fish or veg) option you'd like!)


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Secret Kitchen is on the move!

As many of you already know, my warehouse, my home of eight years, is being torn down this summer to make way for more condos! Grr! While I am sad to be forced to leave my amazing space, it is probably for the best, seeing as I am living in a building made of unsupported concrete & brick. The next big earthquake would take this building out, and me with it. So while it is hard to give up ALL THIS SPACE, I am happy to be re-locating to more solid ground. 
We have had our share of fun here, though, haven’t we? I have started two businesses here, Eva D’Edibles and Secret Kitchen. When I moved here & started cooking I didn’t even have my own knives. That was only eight years ago. Now I am in the middle of building out my own (secret, but professional) kitchen here in West Oakland! Secret Kitchen & Eva D’Edibles will remain, though in a different capacity. Your Jewish Mom is gonna make you lunch & dinner! Get ready! We will start offering take-out lunches out of the kitchen starting in late Summer. Soon to follow will be take-out dinners, full of the healthy, down home cooking you all know me for. Plus, I have started a raw chocolate business! I’m making peanut butter cups and truffles that are GOOD for you! Because I love you! 

photo by

Behold! My Spicy Almond Balls!

 I will mostly be selling the chocolates to da klubs (wink, wink) but have unadulterated versions too, soon to be sold at Stag's Lunchette.

  I'm trying to figure out the logistics for one more Secret Kitchen at my space. More details to come.

As for me, I found a little house all to myself. It has a small but full garden, purple tile in the kitchen, and a lot of windows. I think I’ll be happy there.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Happenings in the Secret Kitchen!

Greetings from the Secret 

There are some exciting things brewing, and some upcoming dates of Secret Kitchen dinners that I’d like to share with you. 

First, though, I’d love to say a huge Thank You to those who joined in on Valentine’s Day. It was truly a night of amour! It was also so gratifying to me, as a chef, to have a whole room of guests trust me enough to “just eat the beef heart”! From the sudden silence in the room and the return of empty plates, I was assured that most people actually enjoyed it! (Confession: I ate it raw! Delish!)

I have the dates for the next two Secret Kitchens, including our 4th Anniversary 420 dinner! Get ready to mark your calendars! These dinners are sure to fill up quick, especially the 420, so reserve your space early, space is *very* limited for that dinner! 

Secret Kitchen’s Spring Dates:

March 28th (Thurs)($60): The Passover Meal. All the good stuff without all the religious stuff! Bring your own four questions and four glasses of wine.
*chicken liver pate & matzoh
*chicken soup w. matzoh balls as big as your fist!
*house-made white fish gefelte salad (not your bubbe’s fish from a jar!) 
*rack of lamb w. baby fingerling potatoes, roasted asparagus 
*dark chocolate dipped coconut & cardamom macaroons & meyer lemon sorbet

April 20th (Sat! Be prepared!)($80 “unleaded”/$100 “leaded”) The Fourth Annual 420 Secret Kitchen Anniversary Party! 
menu: Six Courses (tbd) of *ever increasing potency*!! The night will have lots of surprises and special happenings! It’s a Saturday night, so come prepared to stay and play! There will be music! There will be dancing! There will be champagne! There will be  fabulous prizes! 

And now for some more exciting news! Two special announcements for more opportunities to enjoy Secret Kitchen & Chef Eva’s cooking!

First, it looks like I will be making an appearance at the Oakland restaurant Guest Chef ( some time this year! This is very exciting as it will give me a unfamiliar audience and a chance to play in a restaurant kitchen, which is something I have wanted for a long time! When I get the dates confirmed, I will hope that you will join me in a more traditional restaurant setting (ie. you won’t have to sit on the floor! it won’t be a cold warehouse! you can invite friends!) and a completely new menu! More to come!

And second, I am embarking on a new food venture in the form of organic, prepared meals! It only took two years and three different people pushing me to finally realize that doing a business like this would satisfy not only the “chef” in me, but also, and more importantly, the “jewish mom” part of me! So, Secret Kitchen Organics Meals to Go will be starting production in mid-March. I’ll start with a few offerings of soups, entrees, sides & salads. I expect to expand to full five days of meals (including dessert), baking mixes, salad dressings, and condiments by the end of summer/early fall. The meals will 100% organic, with *mostly* gluten-free/paleo/vegan options. All meats will be organic/grass fed/sustainable (in the case of fish). All veggies will be local/seasonal as well as organic.  I’ll be packaging things in glass containers, compostable containers, and minimal plastic. For now, I can only offer pick-up from my warehouse/kitchens, but will expand to delivery as soon as I can! 
If you would like more information, pricing, and the first month’s menu, please send an email to: with the subject line “Meals to Go” and I’ll send you all the details and the delicious first month’s menu. Feel free, please!, to forward this to anyone and everyone you think would be interested in some delicious, nourishing meals made for them! 

I am very excited to be embarking on new cooking adventures, and am so glad that you are here to take the journey with me! 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me. My kitchen door is always open, and there will always be room for one more at my table, 

with love, 
Chef Eva~

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love Bites: part deux

Hello Fellow Food Lovers! 

After a very busy Fall & Holiday Season of private parties, Secret Kitchen is set to once again open the doors to all our members with this year’s Valentine’s Dinner: Love Bites part deux! 

I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day. I love a day dedicated to Love. I don’t think of it as only for romantic love, but for love of family, good friends, and good food.  It’s a day to celebrate sensuality and hedonism and I don’t know any better way to do that than with great food. 

This menu is inspired by silly love songs and the spices of Amour. The menu is geared towards enticing and amplifying all your senses. Love is Messy. Love knows no bounds. And this menu, for better or worse, reflects that. Please join us whether as a couple, single, multiple or all the above for an evening of sensual delights~

details in "This Month's Menu" 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Midsummer's Secret Kitchen~

It's been a hellova Spring! So much goings on in the kitchen that I've barely have any time when I'm not up to my elbows in food so I can blog!
This spring Secret Kitchen turned THREE! It's been three fantastic years of delicious food over lively discussions, birthdays, private events, and the like. Most if this year has been spent doing private events, and lots and lots of time experimenting in the kitchen. I've been learning cheesemaking, producing charcuterie, and pickling everything I can think to pickle!
But I have missed Secret Kitchen! And so, I present June's menu: A MidSummer's Secret Kitchen. Inspired by my daughter's request for fancy cotton candy and my desire to use foie gras in a menu before it's illegal. (not that I'm against black market products, obvs.)

menu and details in "This Month's Menu"

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Valentine's Day dinner

Oh you sexy sexy people.
You deserve to eat sexy food. Food you can eat with your hands. Food you can share with your love. Food that makes your heart race.

I really like playing with the alchemy of food. Not only do I get to manipulate taste, but other sensations as well. The heart races with chilies, chocolate. The mind drifts with mugwort, chamomile, get the picture.

This year for Valentines Day, we have a special tasting menu: Love Bites.
Seven courses sure to excite and tantalize you.

Check out "This Month's Menu" for the deatils

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Folsom Street Edition

Hello Lovely Diners~

Secret Kitchen would like to invite you to the first of our Fall Events! Our summer has been full of private parties and dinners and we’re happy to be open again to anyone who loves good food!

For this edition, we take our inspiration and play from an event that is quintessentially Bay Area: The Folsom Street Fair. As long time participants of the fair, we here in the kitchen didn’t have much trouble dreaming up a menu that delights and arouses the senses. It was fun to come up with a menu, inspired by our favorite aphrodisiac: chilies. Not only do chilies wake up the palate, but they go to work on the nervous system as well, heightening all of our senses, giving us a shot of adrenalin and stimulating us in ways nothing else can. Chilies are the Tango (the original “dirty dancing”) of the kitchen.

This month’s menu will bring you Pain, for sure, but that feeling will diminish with the wash of Pleasure that comes from every bite:

Anticucho y Camarones del Diablo

skewers of beef heart & shrimp rolled in dried chilies & grilled, served w. cumin crema

Ajo Blanco

a delicious cold soup of almonds, grapes and garlic

Codorniz Relleno con Salsa de Higos Picoso

chorizo stuffed quail w. fiery fig sauce served w. patatas bravas & sautéed cactus

Pastel de Chocolate sin Harina con Chilies Candied y con Sorbete de Vainilla

flourless chocolate cake w. candied chilies & vanilla sorbet


As always, the location of dinner is Secret until 24 hours before service. Dinner will be served at 7:30pm, sharp! Doors open 30 minutes early for schmoozing and boozing. Secret Kitchen is a BYOB event, with water provided.

Date: Thursday, September 29th

Location: Oakland, CA

Price: $50/person