Sunday, May 30, 2010

May comes in like a Hammer.....

Wow. The entire month of May has come and gone without so much as a peep from this blog. Bad blogger! Of course, one doesn't much feel like peeping or anything else when recovering from having an abscessed tooth removed. Ugh. May was a long month of ups and downs, trials and troubleshooting and not much cooking.
June, though, seems to be shaping up a bit differently, with a (vegan) art opening, a wedding and few other events to keep my knives sharp and my hands busy.

I did though, try out a few recipes in May that were delicious and fun. I finally had a reason to make home made PopTarts. I had seen the recipe on SmittenKitchen and so wanted to try it but since my hips and tush need no help in expanding, I had held off. Even with the clamorous pleas from my housemates and friends, I was vigilant. But then my friend Ted turned 40 and wanted snacks for his party and it seemed the perfect time to make them. I made two kinds: one with Nutella and one with Blue Chair strawberry jam. I also made them small 2"x3", so they'd be easier for snacking. The picture is of the ones I wouldn't serve to the "public", taken by my friend with his camera/phone thingie. Bad pic, but damn, they were delicious!

Since the party was held in a antiques shop (I was thinking more the 50's Modern antiques shop-not the 18-19th century French antiques that I walked in to) I wanted to make retro style food (plus, isn't that what's just sooo "in" food wise these days: neo-retro-interpretations of old American classics? Are you ready for something else yet? No, ok, then you'll like this). Since it was late night snacks the menu was simple: Mini House Made Meatloaf Sandwiches with Swiss Cheese and Honey-Mustard, Mini Pop-Tarts and a Popcorn Bar with all sorts of fancy oils and toppings. I even made my own Kettle Corn topping, which, if I may say so, was pretty good. I still have some and am looking forward to the next Movie Night here at Chez D'Pi.

So this is the way I apologize for no Secret Kitchen in May.

June's Secret Kitchen promises to be a SWEET time though! June is national candy month, it's also Soul Food month and June 16th (the night of Secret Kitchen) is national Fudge Day! Need I say more???!!!???!?!?!
Please see "This Month's Menu" for the details.

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